Sunday, March 13, 2011

How the West Was Won

NCAA brackets are out.  NFL is in a Lock Out.  Tsunamis and Earthquakes.  Protests and union busting in Wisconsin.  Civil strife in Libya.  Gas prices higher than my first hourly wage.  What is going on?  Well, alot...but slow down a little.  I will have NCAA picks tomorrow.  All I can say it go to all the free sites like Yahoo, MSN, ESPN, et al and fill out brackets.  It takes some time, but after 14 entries, my head was clear and ready for this week.  Thank Heavens for March Madness!

As far as NFL...well, let me know what is going on when draft day comes.  If no progress by then, it will be a long summer and let's hope all the big market MLB teams are good.  If not, it will be a really really long summer.  So here is to Goodell, Jerry Jones, the NFLPA, the attorneys, and anyone else involved in negotiating.  I don't want to think about depending on the Angels, Dodgers, Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies, Mets, and any other team for ALL the summer sports news after July 1.  Let's hope the NFL does what it always does-make the right decision and keep it the number one American sport even in the off season.  By the way, doesn't it seem odd that Peyton, Drew, and Tom B are plaintiffs in lawsuit asking for money?  Don't these guys have more money than some owners?  Well then again, seeing Jerry Jones and other NFL owners whine about money issues is not just laughable and pathetic, but really insulting.

World and National News is usually something I stay away from, but I say yes to No Fly Zone, lower gas prices, God bless Japan, Libyan citizens and all the unfortunate in the world.  Wisconsin please show the nation how to compromise on key issues so our Nation's President and Congress can learn from you (both Republican and Democratic leaders)...that's if for regular news.

Now who is going to win the West in the NBA.  I put all the other stuff in today's comments, to fill space because the Lakers will win the west.  The Spurs are all chemistry but really don't have the primetime players like the Lakers and Kobe and the rest of the group will be ready.  Again, Dallas showed that they have a weakness-in this case, the key players are old.  If the Lakers can beat them with a hobbled Kobe scoring only 16 points then they aren't going to beat LA.  Poor Mark Cuban-maybe he should sell the Mavs, buy the Dodgers and try to get a minority share in the could only dream of Mark Cuban in Laker purple and gold at Staples every nite?  Hey New York thought they would get LeBron...

Again, the West is the Lakers to lose right now.  Bynum and Gasol seem to be getting longer.  The role players are pretty much, well, fitting into their roles.  Kobe is the wild card but he showed his value in game 7 of the Finals last year when the shot wasn't falling but he made sure to contribute in a variety of ways.  Bottom line is that even if the NFL lockout lasts, we can only hope and anticipate a LA-Boston finals going 7 games...the adrenaline rush after a game 7 victory by the Lakers would take us into August when the NFL would probably be seriously discussing ending the lockout.

Tomorrow...NCAA bracketology by someone who last won his bracket contest in 1991.   What, nothing on Lakers in this blog tomorrow-wait and see...

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