Saturday, March 19, 2011

Time Out...

This morning, I caught myself gazing, er staring at the TV again watching Kentucky and West Virginia waiting for UCLA and Florida.  My brackets are pretty much officially busted now that Louisville and some of the lower seeds were one and done.  So, I asked myself, why do I always watch without a horse in the race.  Well, it was clear that I love NCAA basketball...but I love my family more.  After a quick run to Costco and dinner, it was time for a movie with the family.  Watched "The Boxer" and saw why Christian Bale won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.  Enjoyed slowing down and just having a great time with my loved ones.  Thank you to them for being a great team!!  So, I enjoyed my time out today.

I got to thinking, what about other ways to use a time out?  Hey NFL, Time Out!!  Each side take a deep breath, hire an objective mediator, and think of the fans...

Hey Lakers, Time Out!!  If Bynum's knee is hurting and Kobe is not 100% then let them sit.  If either one is not close to 100% healthy, you can bet the OKC Thunder and other teams won't be playing soft.  Plus it will give the other guys a chance to catch up to the post All Star Game efforts of Andrew and Kobe.

Hey Heat, Time Out!!  Stop trying to figure out whose team this is.  It is about chemistry and when the big three play with chemistry it would be hard to beat them in a long series.  But, sometimes they can't even spell chemistry and the games fall apart.

Hey Celtics, Time Out!!  Get Jeff Green in the lineup more...he and Rondo are your future AND he is playing well.  He had some serious playoff experience last year and can play either Forward position.  The older yet wiser big Three for the Celtics need more rest.

Hey Dodgers and Angels, Time Out!!  Do you think we could hold off televising your games and broadcasting them on the radio until after the NBA season is over?  Wait, possibly hold off until August if the lock out is over because we will have alot of NFL talk to catch up on...or maybe wait until October?  If there is no lockout, use this logic-only broadcast games when I AM NOT listening to Sports Talk radio just like I wish trucks only drove when I was at home or in the office, not when I am driving.  I can dream right?

Hey Tennis, Time Out!!  Take a second and realize that you need major personalities to be a sport that counts.  The more Williams sisters, Rafael, and Federer types you have, the more likely someone in the US will tune in.  Just ask golf about Tiger's issues.  Anyone seen their ratings?

Finally, hey World, Time Out!!  Let's take time outs on issues like health care, budget reduction and jobs-find solutions that work and work together to get them done.  Yet, no Time Out for helping Japan or the citizens of Libya...they need help now, so start up the Hurry Up Offense.

To my family, thanks!!  Love you very much and here is to a smartly called Time Out no matter what the sport or activity...

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