Friday, April 8, 2011

The Dangerous Parts of the Game

They say football and hockey are the most violent sports.  I have seen boxing matches and MMA fights that were pretty bloody and looked painful.  My son wrestled this year and never really knew how hard those mats were until I heard him hit it pretty hard.  Rugby is pretty tough too.  What if I told you the most dangerous sport League Baseball.  Especially if you are a Dodger fan.

It has gotten out of hand in the parking lot at Dodger Stadium.  The senseless beating of the Giant fan on opening day was a travesty.  I heard all the politicians and community leaders today talk about how this can't happen, we will get the suspects, and every other politically correct statement.  But why did it have to come to this?  A few years back, a brother of one of my co-workers was killed in the parking lot.  But the parking lot was dangerous even before that time.  I am not here to pinpoint the exact date when Dodger Stadium became a scary place.  I am here to say it is and has been for a long time.

First, we must avoid stereotyping different cultures and people who attend the games.  I don't what color the perpetrators are, what they wear, or anything like that.  Whoever did this are gutless and aren't any better than terrorists.  Anyone who would attack another human being because of their game attire; well, those attackers are sick and deserve to be punished to the full extent of the law.

But let's get back to the issue at hand.  The parking lot at Dodger Stadium.  Simply, it needs better lighting, better exit strategy, and a better environment.  Dodger Stadium really starts as you enter the parking lot, not when you enter the park.  So make the parking lot look better, decorate it up a little.  Put the security guards who stand on the field in the parking lots before and after the game.  As Tim Conway Jr said in his radio show today, how many times have you seen 2 guys raking the infield and one guy attacks the other with his rake until all the security guards come running.  Hey, have enough guards on the field, but let's think of the safety of your fans all over Dodger Stadium...

Hiring former Chief Bratton as a consultant is a shrewd move.  You know what would be smarter, McCourt should sell the Dodgers.  The perception is that he and Jamie are selfish, broke, clueless, and don't care.  Maybe that is only partially right, but they just don't seem genuine.  And that has caused alot of the blame for this violence to land at their feet for not investing in security at the park.  But what is the answer?

Simple, the McCourts need to sell the team and get out...Fast!!  Mr. McCourt talk to Bud Selig and the other owners (though they may not want to talk to you) and find out how fast you could get out.  The fans don't trust you and unfortunately, they don't like you and that's not just because of your messy divorce.  Sell, sell, sell.  Maybe Bud or someone can broker a deal where you and Jamie make a little money, so you can start over selling crafts at a local Farmers Market or become a motivational speaker on how to own a baseball team with no capital and no money down.

Frank...Jamie.  Jamie...Frank...go back to Boston.  We appreciate the playoff appearances and hiring Joe Torre, but you just seem not to get it.  Baseball is really a family or group outing.  Peanuts, hot dogs, programs, Take Me Out to the Ballgame,double plays, Derek Jeter, infield pop up rule, etc.  Not kick the Giant fan in the head.  Or not come forward to help solve the crime of who kicked the Giant fan in the head.  Not email LA Times and say that anyone wearing Giants gear deserves what they get.  You see what I am saying...the culture and atmosphere at Blue Heaven on Earth has changed.  It has changed because Dodger management has let it change.  They have turned a blind eye to the crimes and violence.  They love to tell you the 2011 crime is less than 2010 crime, but that doesn't bring a Giant fan out of a coma.  Where is the type of security needed to keep fans safe to enjoy the game.  Oh yeah, the extra cost of security is somewhere in a Divorce Court being split different ways for the final settlement.  You see, to  the McCourts, the Dodgers, their fans, and the brand name in general don't count. 


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