Monday, September 26, 2011

Lions 3-0

All things in the world must be okay.  The stock market is volatile?  Gas is high?  Politics are partisan?

How can it be?  C'mon, the Detroit Lions are 3-0.  Did you hear me?  They are 3-0.  Let it soak it in.  Let it breathe like a fine wine.  Let it permeate the air like a good deodorizer.

Bottom line is it has been 30 years since something like this has happened.  If I hadn't just had heart surgery, I think, I would need heart surgery.  This is epic stuff.  This is like Ben Hur, Gladiator, Braveheart, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones combined.  Now...what lies ahead you may ask.

Stop, don't ask.  Don't question.  Just knock on wood, kiss your rabbit's foot, and pick a four leaf clover.  Whatever you have been doing for the past 3 Sundays, keep doing it.  If you get up wearing one sock on Sunday AM, keep doing it.  If you stay late Saturday watching infomercials, don't stop.  Whatever you are doing, do it again and again.  Just like the athletes that wear the same t-shirt or socks for good luck.

Glory be, though, these Lions are not about luck.  They are about "getting it" and "getting after it".  First their GM is, well, not Matt Millen.  But that does not make him special.  What makes him great is his ability to choose draft picks.  Suh last year and Fairley this year.  The D-line is set for awhile.  Calvin Johnson at WR and Matthew Stafford healthy.  This is monumental stuff for Detroit.  Couple this with the Tigers and ....

....sorry, I fainted and lost my breath for a few moments.  All I can say is thanks to the Lions and deep down, thanks to Coach Schwartz.  Watch him on the sidelines.  He is not Mr. Calm or Mr. Cool.  He is a football coach who wants to win, expects to win, and makes sure the team is ready.

Now, I still hold to a little bit of reality to say that the Lions won't be undefeated, but I can wish for a playoff spot and maybe, just maybe a playoff win.  Thank you Lions, one and all!  You have made some pretty tough times a little easier to handle.

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